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1 week ago

Life Tips From Advice Guru Liz Pryor: Standing Up to Bossy Behavior

A woman wrote me recently asking why certain people are so bossy and what she can do to better tolerate the behavior.

My 10-year-old son asked the same thing last week, and I thought it myself just recently. What is it that makes a person feel they can tell others what to do so often and so consistently?

In answer to my son's question, my daughter actually replied, "Why does your friend Sam boss you around? Because he can, you let him."

Out of the mouths of babes, and she is absolutely right.

Even as adults, we allow bossy people to do their thing.

Some of us couldn't care less, as we're happy to have someone else do the thinking and delegate. Others seethe

2 weeks ago

PEX Tubing Problems

The Cost AdvantagePEX piping is considerably cheap, costing about one-tenth of copper piping costs.

One rarely gives much thought to what kind of plumbing materials are used in a home. Plumbing is perhaps the most neglected home support system. We pretty much take for granted that a plumbing system will maintain itself. Though, it is clearly not so. It requires regular maintenance and good choice of piping materials can reduce your plumbing problems. The most important part of a plumbing mechanism, besides the fixtures, is the piping. There are two prime choices, when it comes to deciding on the piping material. The traditional choice is copper piping, while a newer alternative is PEX

2 weeks ago

Celebrated Trial Attorneys Team to Form Powerhouse Firm Hodes Milman, LLP

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Three of California's most prominent product

liability and medical malpractice trial attorneys have announced the

establishment of personal injury and medical malpractice litigation

firm, Hodes Milman, LLP. The new firm represents the coming together of

nationally-esteemed partners, Daniel Hodes and Jeffrey Milman -

formerly named partners of Newport Beach's

Lopez, Hodes, Restaino, Milman & Skikos -

as well as up-and-coming defense attorney turned plaintiff trial lawyer,

associate Kevin G. Liebeck. Together, the well-regarded attorneys have

banded together and pooled their extensive e

2 weeks ago

Auto air conditioning 101 -

(AOL Autos) -- It's that time again, when you turn on the A/C to chill out from the summer heat and all you get is hot air!

Air conditioning on the fritz? Taking your car to an A/C tech will keep you from getting hot headed.

Air conditioning on the fritz? Taking your car to an A/C tech will keep you from getting hot headed.

Ughhhh! How do you restore that refreshing, cool air t

2 weeks ago

Vessel Sink Vanity Ideas by Julia Ritzenthaler

Vessel sinke are a fantastic way to dress up any bathroom design. They are available in many styles and finishes, making them a virsitile option for any color scheme or style. Vessel sinks do require special faucet and drain hardware; and that can often be found just about anywhere vessel sinks are sold.

The vessel sink--as the name implies--is a vessel into which a faucet dispenses water. Vessel become a work of art in the space; vessel sinks come in a variety of materials including porcelain, natural stones, cast copper and other metals, glass, and more. The design choices are numerous and the great thing is that you're able to find something unique that appears custom-made at an affordable price. Plumbing waste and supply lines are hidden in the vanity base or even exposed in a way that they still appear aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

You have several choices when it comes to vessel sink vanities. There is a wide range of designs, colors, and materials that are sure to suit any personal style. Vessel sinks are available in two major styles, and these are vessel sink vanities and bathroom vessel sinks. To get started with your remodeling or construction plans, review remodeling tips and start browsing online. Vessel sinks come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles: contemporary, antique, traditional, rustic, and more. Just remember that the vanity is the focal point of any bathroom design, so choose carefully and select your vanity first.

With vessel sinks, you also have the option of utilizing existing cabinetry; be aware that some remodeling will be necessary if you choose this route. Proper installation is paramount. If you decide to DIY your new vessel sink, check out the multitude of informative websites that are focused on providing tips that pertain to bathroom remodeling, read the instructions, and ask questions--many online retailers welcome questions.

As with any type of remodel or redecorating project, be sure to consider the design aesthetic you want to achieve. Once you have an idea, choose the design of your vessel sink vanity and then move on to mirrors, lighting, and other accessories. You want to coordinate all aspects of the design, that doesn't necessarily mean match, just coordinate. Consider the space too, size dimensions, etc... A helpful tip is to have all of your dimensions and a color palette at your side while shopping.

Your newly designed bathroom and vessel sink vanity will be the talk of all of your guests and will look beautiful for years to come.

Copyright (c) 2009 Julia Ritzenthaler

3 weeks ago

Model's death highlights plastic surgery risks


Model Solange Magnano died after complications following plastic surgeryInjecting fat or silicone into the buttocks can lead to a blockage of blood supply to the lungs"No cosmetic surgery is totally risk free," says top cosmetic surgeon

London, England (CNN) -- Following the death of a former Miss Argentina after complications arising from plastic surgery, questions are being raised about the risks of cosmetic surgery.

Solange Magnano, 37, died in hospital, after bei

3 weeks ago

Search Engine Optimization :: Search engine optimization: How to get people to visit your site

You've put a lot of effort into designing a website, either for yourself or for your business. You even put one of those counters at the bottom. But sadly, that counter is not moving very much, if at all. How do you get more people to look at your hard work?

There's a technical term for that question: search engine optimization. When you type a term into the search box on your favorite search engine, there is a ranking system that determines which websites are at the top of the list. The higher up a website is in a search list, the more likely it is a searcher will choose to visit that website.

The trick is how to get your website higher up in those rankings, or search engine o

3 weeks ago

Cosmetic Surgery In The Philippines by Dr Rino Lorenzo

Hair Transplant

Hair loss is primarily caused by combination of aging, hormonal changes and family history of baldness. As a rule, the earlier hair loss begins, the more severe the baldness will become. Hair loss can also be caused by burns or trauma, in which cas

4 weeks ago

Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto

Roanne C. Bratz -

On July 29, 2016, the Department of Finance Canada released for public comment a package of draft legislative proposals and explanatory notes relating to a number of measures announced in the 2016 federal budget, which included, amongst other proposals, the introduction of a Common Reporting Standard penalty and relating consequential amendments to the Income Tax Act (the ITA).

Specifically, the proposed amendments will incorporate new section 281 into the ITA and will require that

4 weeks ago

Wal-Mart to reopen five U.S. stores at center of union complaint | Reuters

Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT.N) said it would reopen in late October to early November five U.S. stores whose closure Next