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1 day ago

Dina Lohan Sentenced for 2013 DWI, Has Driver's License Suspended

Dina Lohan was sentenced today to 100 hours of community service in Nassau District Court in New York stemming from a September 2013 DWI arrest.

The mother of actress Lindsay Lohan also had her driver's license suspended for one year, will have to top attorneys in Washington DC use an interlock device -- which will only let her start her car if she's sober -- for a year and ordered to participate in a drunk-driving program and victims impact panel.

She was also fined $3,000.

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Lohan was arrested last year for driving 22 mph over the speed limit along the Northern State Parkway in Oyster Bay. She had a blood-alcohol level of 0.2 percent.

Lohan, 51, pleaded guilty last month and accepted a plea deal.

Lohan's lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, also sent a statement to ABC News.

"In spite of the fact that the District Court of Nassau County dispenses the sternest DWI Sentences in America, which traditionally provides for a period of simple assault dc incarceration and three years of Probation, Dina Lohan's Sentence did not provide for any period of incarceration or Probation, in light of Dina Lohan's exemplary record with no prior arrest history and in deference to the Nassau County Screening Evaluation of Ms. Lohan which concluded that she has no alcohol or substance abuse issues," the statement read.

He continued, "Clearly, it was recognized that Dina Lohan has been a life-long resident of Nassau County, a good and loving Parent to four children and the arrest was borne out of an isolated act of indiscretion on the occasion of her 50th Birthday. Dina Lohan is happy to put this unfortunate event behind her."

2 days ago

DUI lawyer Colorado Springs: Defense options

Driving under the influence of liquor is an offence and Colorado Springs city police is quite determined to stop drivers from mixing drinking and driving. It is learnt that a majority of road accidents take place when people drive their vehicles after taking wine and drugs. A drunken driver can lose his license to drive or face jail term. Also the city police may impound his vehicle for unlimited period. One who is caught under strict DUI law should hire an experienced DUI lawyer Colorado Springs for help as only a DUI attorney find a dui lawyer can reduce his punishment and save his driving license from being cancelled.

The Colorado Springs police don't require a chemical test to prove that the arrested driver was drunk at time of arrest. The police make its case on the basis of facts and evidences collected from the place where the driver was caught. The only thing that goes in the favor of the driver is its past record. If the arrested person has a clean past record then the court may consider mild punishment for the person. A DUI lawyer Colorado Springs can convince the court that the arrested person holds good character and he would never repeat the offence.

A DUI lawyer Colorado Springs can commute jail term to community service so that his client remains a free man. Colorado Springs is quite strict for people who driver after consuming liquor. The court shows no leniency towards people caught under DUI law. But it can consider giving mild punishment to first time offenders. It can consider community service drunk driving attorneys for people who hold good character and promise not to dive under the influence the liquor again. A DUI attorney better knows how to take up the matter before the jury. The attorney would make his defense on the basis of substantial evidence and remove the allegations that don't involve alcohol.

Finding an experienced DUI lawyer Colorado Springs shouldn't be a problem for one who is caught under stringent DUI law as a majority of attorneys have their websites where they publish their details, work experience and the case studies. Browsing through web pages is quite convenient than treading from one office to another. You can read the web content and assess the experience of the attorney on the basis of his case studies. After visiting several websites, you can locate the right person for your case.

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2 days ago

DIY Plumbing Guide by Pat Perkins

How many times has someone asked you "Know a good plumber?" Would you even recognize a good plumber if you fell over one? Most of us give little thought to the health of our home's plumbing, never mind the maintenance of our pipes, hoses, toilets, sinks, tubs, hot water heaters or garbage disposals until we are in the middle of a crises, like when the engagement ring goes down the garbage disposal or the hot water heater gives way suddenly and floods the basement.

At one time or another, each of us has probably experienced at least one of the following common plumbing problems:

* The toilet in your mother-in-law's home won't flush, the bowl won't fill and you are expected

3 days ago

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3 days ago

Atlantic City bankruptcy talk 'premature': turnaround team | Reuters

By Daniel Kelley and Hilary Russ


ATLANTIC CITY NJ/NEW YORK It's "premature" to talk about bankruptcy for troubled gaming resort Atlantic City, Detroit's former turnaround expert said Thursday as he signed on with the latest bid to revive a city some see as bound to follow the path taken by the Motor City.

Atlantic City's lifeblood, gaming revenue, has been decimated as newer casinos in nearby states such as New York and Massachusetts lured gamblers away from the storied but downtrodden New Jersey shore locale.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Thursday appointed a turnaround team, including former Detroit emergency manager Kevyn

3 days ago

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2 weeks ago

How to Find a Lawyer

If you are looking to hire a lawyer, you'll find no shortage of legal talent. The United States holds 5% of the world's population and 70% of its lawyers. Law schools awarded 43,588 J.D.s last year, up 11.5 percent since 2000, and the United States boasts one lawyer for every 200 U.S. citizens.

With a record number of practicing lawyers in the U.S., finding a lawyer for your legal needs is no easy task.

The best way to find a lawyer is through word of mouth and referrals. Wide variations exist in the skill level and expertise of each lawyer so recommendation

2 weeks ago

Environment friendly Ultra Low Temperature Deep Freezer

Ultra Low Temperature Deep Freezers are useful for low temperature quick freezing and storing of Vaccines, Biological and Medical Specimens, Blood Components and general laboratory freezing applications. Weiber Ultra-low temperature freezers combine highest reliability and superior performance with cost-effective operation and innovative features.

These ultra-low temperature freezers safeguard samples with advanced technology platforms, maximum temperature recovery, microprocessor controls and high-quality construction. Deep Freezer provides uncompromised sample protection for -10

2 weeks ago

Keith Richards documents rock roots in 'Under the Influence' | Reuters

TORONTO A new film about Keith Richards unexpectedly evolved from the story of making his latest solo album into a study of the huge influence of blues, country and even reggae on his music, the renowned Rolling Stones guitarist said on Thursday.

The documentary "Keith Richards: Under the Influence," had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday ahead of its release on Netflix Sept. 18.

The movie was originally meant to document the making of "Crosseyed Heart," his first solo album in more than 20 years. But under director Morgan Neville, who won an Oscar for "20 Feet from Stardom," the focus shifted to where his music comes from.

"There was no plan on this. At the dui same time, during the making of it, at least halfway through, I realized that that was what was happening," Richards told Reuters ahead of the premiere.

Richards, 71, said both the film and making the album, which features rock, reggae and country songs, gave him a new appreciation of his influences, including less obvious ones such as the role of his music-loving mother.

Growing up in post-war Britain, Richards said his home was filled the music of Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.

"It was all good stuff. In other words if you're growing up at 4 years old and you can sing Billie Holiday songs, you realize that 'ya, brought up on the blues without even knowing it,'" he said.

He went on to worship musicians like Muddy Waters, an interest that bonded him with former classmate Mick Jagger. "Under the Influence" explores how once the Rolling Stones because famous they helped reignite impaired driving interest in American blues.

Richards said when the band first came to America, they found it "astounding" blues wasn't better known.

"We hadn't realized until we got here how white kids just didn't go down the other end of the dial where, to us, it was like treasure troves," he said.

The release of the film and Richards' solo album came the same week he revealed the Rolling Stones plan to return to the recording studio next year.

"I saw all the boys in London last week and they're ready to get in a studio at the first given opportunity, which is even more than I hoped for," he said.

Richards said the band had been reinvigorated by its most recent U.S. tour, where it deliberately focused on smaller cities it first played in 1960s and 70s.

"This is the thing with the Stones. You keep thinking 'Come on, how long can you keep this thing going?' But I guess the answer is until we don't feel that we're improving," he said.

"To me, and I think to everybody else in the Stones, the last tour was probably, musically speaking, the best so far. So there's always that feeling of something more to come. Some anticipation. The energy is there."

(Editing by Cynthia Osterman)

2 weeks ago

Police: Woman live streams herself while driving drunk

In the shaky video, she says she's drunk and doesn't know where she is going. She also says she thinks she's driving on a flat tire.

"Where am I right now, people?" the woman asks, over the sound of music playing in her car. "I have to go home."

Police in Lakeland, Florida, have identified the driver as 23-year-old Whitney Marie Beall. She was arrested and faces a charge of driving under the influence.

Her attorney reportedly released a statement saying that Beall would not be giving any interviews any time soon.

"She is a young professional with a bright future. When her court date is set, I will be entering a plea on her behalf of not guilty," attorney Lee Cohen said in a statement reported by CNN affiliate WFLA.

"I'll be investigating the case and that starts now. I am waiting to see all the evidence, and I will take a look at it," Cohen said.

Police began getting calls about Beall on Saturday from people who saw the live stream and were concerned.

"She was out of it. And it's obvious from watching that livestreaming video how bad she was," Lakeland police Sgt. Gary Gross told CNN affiliate Bay News 9.

Officers found Beall, who, in fact, was driving on a flat tire, police said in a statement. Just as a traffic stop was started, her car hit the curb.

According to police, Beall's speech was slow and officers smelled alcohol. She also allegedly appeared to be disoriented.

Beall was arrested after she refused a breathalyzer and failed field sobriety tests.

"The streaming Periscope video highlights the dangers of driving while intoxicated through the eyes of a drunk and irresponsible young adult," said police.

"The Lakeland Police Department is extremely thankful that this did not result in an accident and no one was injured as a result of her poor decision."